Towing Cash Calls

Cash Calls for Towing Companies

Connecting customers to you and putting your business in front of the right customers.

Digital marketing for towing services done right. NO PLAYING AROUND! 

You only get charged for real towing calls, and you only get charged once per phone number. ( If the same number keeps calling you throughout the day, that would only be one charge.)

Our 3 Different Ways on Generating You Cash Calls for Towing Services

Full Towing Digital Marketing Package

This package is a full service providing your business with a website, hosting, digital marketing plan and local business optimization. How it works: This is the option you would pick if you want the full digital marketing for towing package. -We would build you an amazing website -We would rank that website on Google -We would opimize your Google Business Profile -We would create a blog and write amazing content every month to make you an industry leader in online towing information. -We would make you the top towing service in your service area.

Towing SEO - Local SEO for Tow Services

With this service, we'll optimize your website and provide search engine visibility for your business. How it works: We will rank your website on the first page of Google for the keywords that will increase revenue for your towing business. For example, if you are in Las Vegas, we will rank your website for Las Vegas towing company, towing service near me, towing Las Vegas, etc.

Cash Calls - Towing Lead Generation

Using state-of-the-art call tracking software, we send you high quality calls directly to your business number. How it works:
You make a deposit, ( $100 minimum), and as we send you real cash calls to your business line, we will deduct that from however much you deposited. For example, calls are $10 each, and you made a $200 deposit. Once 20 qualified towing calls have been sent to your towing business, you would have to top up your account to recieve anymore calls.

How Much do cash calls cost?

Towing cash calls are different for different areas. It all depends on where you live as to how much your calls will cost.

Now, with our SEO package and our FULL marketing package, those are flat rate. They also depend on where your towing operation is servicing as well.

Full Towing Digital Marketing Package

$850 -$1500 per month

Towing SEO - Local SEO for Tow Services

$500 - $1500 per month

Cash Calls - Towing Lead Generation

$10 - $15 per call

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