Types of Tow Truck Services

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What do Tow Truck Services Offer?

Tow truck service is a broad term utilized to describe the common practice of towing automobiles, boats, RVs, and other types of vehicles. A ‘wrecker’ is one of today’s most popular types of towing trucks. In the past, it was primarily used by large companies or large fleets of individuals, but today, a good wrecker service can tow just about any vehicle from a small car to a large truck. A good service will also be able to tow several cars at once. The term is usually applied to a truck with an engine that is inoperable, but many towing companies will tow a vehicle with the engine running, especially if they are renting it from a rental company.

Tow Truck Service

The majority of wrecker services are privately owned. Some of them are licensed, but there are some private haulers that operate on a smaller scale. One advantage that many private owners of towing services have is that their vehicles are rarely involved in collisions and they don’t usually have to pay insurance premiums. They are generally smaller in size and more affordable than their bigger counterparts.

Some wrecker companies operate in multiple states. They can also be licensed by one state but operate in several other locations simultaneously. Many wrecker companies have a location near their main company headquarters, which can save money. Most of these companies also charge a fee for the use of a tow truck when they tow a car.

Most of today’s tow truck services are well-equipped and can provide a safe towing experience for their clients. They are equipped with GPS devices, emergency lights, and emergency chutes. Some companies even offer emergency flashers, but these are not usually located in the front of the vehicle. They can also provide their clients with a number of options for transporting their vehicles, such as a flatbed trailer, forklift, or a flat bed truck. One type of tow truck that is gaining popularity is a van, because of its versatility and relative safety.

Sometimes, these companies charge additional fees for hauling the vehicles, such as for an oversize trailer. There is also a certain amount of coverage that the car owner must carry. When the company has towing fees added, the amount can increase and may be higher if the company is using a smaller vehicle for a larger trailer.

Before making a decision to purchase a tow truck service, it is important for the customer to research each provider and find out what they provide and how they charge. Make sure that you understand all the charges, so that you can decide what type of service is most appropriate for your situation.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Prime Indy Towing Indianapolis, IN provides heavy duty towing in the greater Indianapolis area. We offer the most powerful haulers in the country to our customers. We have a team of heavy-duty tow trucks that can handle all your semi-trucks, tractor trailer, bus and other large vehicles needs. Whether you need to tow a truck with over-sized tires or one with a flatbed to tow a trailer, we can help.

Heavy-duty towing companies are designed to offer all types of heavy hauling to a variety of customers across the country. We offer both towing for personal vehicles, trucks, and commercial trucks. Our truck fleet is designed to handle all types of terrain, from dirt roads to highway interstates. We are experienced in heavy-duty towing services and can make arrangements for you to tow any type of vehicle.

Whether you need just a pickup or you need a trailer, we can provide professional service to you and save you time. Our trucks are custom built to accommodate any size vehicle you need to tow. In addition to providing quality tow services, we also service our customers on a 24-hour a day, seven-days a week basis, so they can reach their destinations without worry.

There is no limit to what kind of vehicle you want us to tow, so if you have multiple vehicles or are planning a move, contact us to learn more about our tow company and what we can do for you. Whether you need to tow a school bus, a semi-truck or even an ambulance, we can help. We offer many different kinds of heavy-duty tow trucks to meet your needs. From the Class C trucks that tow campers to the Class A trucks that tow recreational vehicles we offer, we are sure to have one that will fit your needs.

Trucking companies are not required to be licensed or insured. However, most of the trucking companies that tow for hire are insured and licensed to drive commercial vehicles. If you need to use our service to tow anything over 18 feet long, such as a recreational vehicle or a boat, you should call the U.S. Department of Transportation before you tow anything. They will be able to give you more information and answer any questions that you may have about what is allowed on your state’s roads.

We strive to make our customers happy and satisfied with all that we do and are glad to answer all of their questions about what is allowed on the roads in their local area. We offer the most powerful tow services available and are dedicated to serving our customers in any way that we can. Contact us today for more information on any of our services.